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Vechile Maintenance

Ballistol can be used for lubricating autos, motorcycles, bicycles, rollerblades, skateboards, skis & also its too good for sports equipments also. It can also be used in and around your cars . In short we can say that it is a multi - purpose branded oil for all the vehicles. It can be use for squeaking hinges, door rubbers, frozen and corroded locks and much more, it will also give a shine to your dashboard, tyres, and vinyl as it is fully safe on plastics and contains natural UV protecting agents and will not cause them to "Bloom" as is the case with other synthetic lubes. Removing tar and insect stains is easy as is cleaning and protecting chrome, also mix 1 parts Ballistol with 10 parts water and you have a final rinse and polish for your cars paintwork

During maintenance Ballistol will replace and surface lubricating oil you use at the moment, ideal for those difficult to get in rubber pipes or that seized nut and bolt.

Ballistols full compatibility with vehicle components including protecting electrics means you only need one can to do the lot.That can is Ballistol.