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Wood Care:
Ballistol Wood Oil is use is not only to protect and enhance treated or untreated wood, it can even be used on antique guns and on furniture etc.

Leather Care:
Leather gets damaged when it gets wet or due to high humidity. If not treated in the appropriate manner it will crack and distort. Ballistol is the best solution for this purpose.

Aircraft Maintenance:
Ballistol can be used in almost all parts of the aircraft. All rubber parts can be treated with Ballistol which will reduce the ageing effect on the rubber which is usually caused by the extreme environmental changes that the aircraft experiences.

Protect Your Boat:
To protect your boat Ballistol is the best option. To maintain the deck and inside of the cabins of wooden boats, application of ballistol on regular basis will help.

Vehicles Maintenance:
Ballistol can be used for lubricating autos, motorcycles, bicycles, rollerblades, skateboards, skis & also its too good for sports equipments also.

Application On Steel Products:
Human sweat is composed of amino acids and slightly of acidic nature. This can be a real problem in fine mechanics.

Application On Electrical:
Ballistol is not a total insulator, however , Ballistol has a very low electrical conductivity.

Machine Maintenance: Ballistol is an Universal oil manufactured from natural resources to clean or lubricate the back rail or needle caps.