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Gun Blueing

How to do Gun Blueing ?


This novelty is both for expert Gunsmiths as well as Gun Owners having no idea how to do gun blueing or are fed up with complicated procedures.

Decayed weapons shall become like new once again. Tedious dipping and staining processes are a thing of the past. In place of the lengthy chemical process for blueing of Guns, quick blueing is followed. This not only prevents your weapon from rusting but also gives it a brand new finish with rich colour.

Klevers Quick Blueing can also be used as "Touch up" oil by Dealers or Gun Owners if they want to correct small patches. Our saluting is guaranteed for "Touch up" too.

Quick Blueing can be done at home/gunsmith shops with the help of Ballistol products very easily.

For this purpose you require the following products:

1) Robla Cold Degreaser (KALT ENTFETTER) - 50 ml
2) Klever Quick Blueing - 50 ml
3) Ballistol Oil/ Spray - 100 ml

Procedure to Use:

1) The grease on the weapon has to be removed. This can be done by degreasing it carefully with Robla Cold Degreaser. If grease is already removed then you don't need to buy this item.

2) Then apply Klever Quick Blueing solution on it by means of a dropper or brush on the parts to be blued.

3) Allow to react for say 3 minutes until a yellow-whitish cover forms. Then wash it off with water, dry it by dabbing with a soft cloth and spray BALLISTOL on it.

One Klevers Blueing Solution of 50ml is sufficient for completely blueing barrels of 4 to 5 rifles. If its used as "touch up" blueing oil it can be used for very long time by Gunsmiths for money. Rifles.

Gun Blueing can't be done more simply,quickly and cheep, isn't it? Saves time and money.

Gun Blueing Quality is guaranteed by FW Klever GmbH, Germany