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Aircraft Maintenance

Ballistol can be used in almost all parts of the aircraft. All rubber parts can be treated with Ballistol which will reduce the ageing effect on the rubber which is usually caused by the extreme environmental changes that the aircraft experiences. The exterior parts of Aircraft tend to become dirty around the engines and the wheels because of the soot and dust given off in these areas.Ballistol when used in these areas will clean and further protect it.

The low surface tension of Ballistol oil allows it to spread to areas which is otherwise hard to reach. Control surface cables benefit from this property of Ballistol.Its application on all linkage will ensure smooth operation of your control surfaces. Ballistol oil can be use on Aero plane or aviation.

All leather and wood in the interior of the cabin is also treated to give the wood a shine and the leather a soft feel.

Ballistol is low in electrical conductivity and is therefore suitable for protecting electrical contacts and it will not attract salt water. For washing purpose 1 part Ballistol to 10 parts water will leave a very thin coating which will prevent dirt from attaching to the outer shell.