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About Ballistol

Ballistol Oil - Environmentally Friendly Multi Purpose Lubricant Made From Natural Resources

Syndicate Innovations are exclusive distributors of environmentally friendly Ballistol oil imported from Germany.

Other Uses:

Ballistol and its products being anti- corrosive oil are used as rust prevention, lubrication, cleaning of metal parts.

Leather Care:

It is used for maintenance of all products made from leather like gun holsters, slings, leather furniture, bags, boots, shoes, belts, gloves, etc. It protects leather from water.

Boat & Marine Maintenance:

It can be used in motor compartments, on joints, links, wire pulls and around battery terminals. Ballistol protects electrical contacts. It prevents fading of gel coats. Ballistol lubricates zippers, push buttons and winches. It is good for fishing rods, reels and tackle. It protects Aluminum and prevents pitting.

Other Applications:

Lubricates, cleans, & protects metal, plastic, rubber & wood. Due to its deep penetrating feature it creeps into the finest cracks, loosens nuts & bolts. Ballistol can be used to Lubricate auto parts, motorcycles, bicycles and sports equipments like rollerblades, skateboards, skis and camping gear.

Products we distribute:

1. Ballistol Oil
2. Ballistol Spray
3. Klever Quick Blueing
4. Robla Cold Degrease
5.Robla Solo Mil(Barrel Cleaner)
6. Scheibe Gun Grease (Vaseline Waffenfett)
7.Scheibe Vaseline